The Pasadena Casting Club

Casting Practice at Pasadena Casting Club,
Pasadena, California, 2024

Last Sunday, I went with several members of the Pasadena Village to the Pancake Breakfast and Open House at the Pasadena Casting Club. It’s located in the lush Lower Arroyo Seco, Spanish for “dry gulch”. It is a stream course canyon that begins in the San Gabriel mountains, runs the length of Pasadena  and joins the LA River south of here.

But back to the Pasadena Casting Club. First of all, the breakfast was great…scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon all prepared outside by club members and served in the clubhouse. Lots of OJ and coffee. We were welcomed by several members, including several women fly fishing enthusiasts.

I was impressed by the large library of books on fishing in the clubhouse. Rods were available, free of charge, for visitors who want to practice casting whether they’re members or not. Some of the club members have been internationally recognized for contributions spanning decades and plaques attesting to these awards are scattered on all the walls.

The Pasadena Casting Club was founded in 1947. The casting pool is one of only three in the State. General meetings are held the second Thursday of the month in the evening and include “fish stories” and a program given by a guest expert on a current fly fishing topic. The club organizes a several of fishing trips each year, which include informal day trips as well as professionally guided out-of-state trips. Details can be found at

After breakfast, we went out to the casting pond and watched men practice their fly casting. They would cast over and over again. The line responding to their whippy actions like a well-rehearsed dance partner.

Daisy, Pasadena Csting Cclub

And I fell in love with Daisy, the Basset Hound, who was patiently waiting for her owner to take off his wading boots and give her some attention. In the meantime, I tried to keep her occupied. Every time I left, she starts to bark so I made several return trips.

I can’t believe I’ve never been to the Lower Arroyo before. The area was bustling with people and lots of dogs seeking a release from indoors after many days of rain. It’s beautiful and has an archery range, horseback riding and hiking trails that run along the LA River. The view of Pasadena’s Colorado Street’s “Suicide Bridge” from the parking lot is impressive.

The day was a hit — learning about fly fishing and also discovering a gem of a park that I’ll be back to soon!

8 thoughts on “The Pasadena Casting Club

  1. I love it down there. It is a great place to walk with no traffic. I am coming back to LA today. I did not know that the Pasadena Village went down there to the casting place. Let me know when you want to go again. Toni

  2. How very unusual! Great piece. I will never go over that bridge without thinking about ‘fly fishing’ again!! Thanks

  3. what a great article about this fun area. We dicovered it shortly after moving to the area years ago. We’ve enjoyed lots of hikes in that area and our daughter was part of a archery club in school that used the archery range. And who could resist the adorable face of Daisy!

  4. Susan,
    Oh my; you do get around. Thanks for taking us along vicariously. Casting club. Who knew? After decades of living in La Canada, I was unaware of it. Although the Arroyo Seco trail was one of my favorite hikes and mountain bike rides, especially when I could splash my bike through the creek that went back and forth across the trail.
    I was always struck by the contrast of entering the trail past JPL, a bastion of the newest and most advanced venture into outer space to go back in time past the crumpled pavement of the road that used to go up the mountain and what little is left of the houses that used to be perched next to the stream, and their ornamental plantings that have now gone wild; way up beyond where most venture to the long abandoned, but at one time well established camp ground with its still standing stone benches, fire rings, and other campsite amenities that were once enjoyed by so many who are no longer among us.

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