Enjoy the Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood, Philadelphia, 2021. Photo by R.D. Joslin

My friend, Duby recently sent me these photos of a flowering tree in his backyard in Philadelphia. I don’t know why but I knew instinctively it was a Dogwood even though I don’t recall ever seeing one. I attribute this, perhaps, to some vestige of knowledge from my Girl Scout days when I earned a badge in plant identification.



This stunning flowering tree enchanted me with its beauty. I could picture a wedding, a picnic, a christening, or a romantic evening under this majestic ornamental with its showy clusters of white flowers.



The flowering dogwood is native to the eastern part of the U.S., from New England to the Gulf Coast. It’s the state tree of Virginia and thrives with plenty of water and sunshine.

I hope this dogwood tree captures your heart as it did mine.




12 thoughts on “Enjoy the Flowering Dogwood

  1. What a beautiful dogwood tree, Susan. These are one of my favorite trees. I was lucky to see lots of them in bloom when I visited my dad in Oregon a few weeks ago. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. -Janell

  2. Wow! The dogwoods are gorgeous! How lucky Duby is to have these in his back yard! Thank you for sharing these. And I love that you still have your girl Scout sash with all your badges.

  3. Susan, those dogwood trees are truly beautiful! We have seen the seasons move from snow to flowering dogwoods.
    I planted one in 1992 at our house in La Canada in honor of John. It is now a full-grown tree and every spring, it delighted us with its beautiful white blossoms. Descanso has a few as well.
    The fact that you still have your Girl Scout badge with its sash is also remarkable! A few days ago, I listened to a podcast on “Stuff You Should Know.” They did a whole podcast on Juliet Lowe and the Girl Scouts. I learned many things I didn’t know; mainly that they earn enough money from selling their Girl Scout cookies to cover funding for most GS activities. A remarkably healthy, diverse organization.
    Thank you, as always, for wondrous nature!

  4. Beautiful flowers on this tree! I don’t think I’ve seen it before — at least not in full bloom. But most impressive? Saving & being able to find your Girl Scout badges! Kudos to you. I have no idea what I did with mine. And thanks to your friend for sharing a bit of beauty in his back yard.

  5. Yes, I am very lucky to have this tree in a place I can view it every day. However I am really impressed with those Girl Scout badges from yesteryear!!!!! rdj

  6. What a spectacular tree. Thank you for sharing Duby’s photograph. How awesome it would be to see a dogwood like this everyday in your backyard.
    It was such a treat to see your Girl Scout badges! I wish I’d kept mine.

  7. Beautiful tree. I’ve heard the name but don’t think I’ve ever seen one. From a distance it looks like snow and up close the flowers are spectacular!

  8. Dogwood’s are beautiful. This tree is exceptional! We just returned from a vacation in Williamsburg, VA and other parts of the State. Did not have the pleasure of seeing these magnificent trees. Thanks for sharing Duby’s tree.

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