Spring has Sprung at Descanso Gardens

Japanese Garden, Descanso Gardens, La Canada, California, 2023

I wasn’t able to visit Descanso Gardens for the last eight weeks as I recuperated from my right knee replacement. Glad to say, the worst is behind me and I’m walking almost pain-free.

Two weeks ago, I ventured out early to the Gardens when members can get a jump on the crowds.





What a beautiful sight it was. The garden was alive with color, foliage and blooming plants. Abundant tulips along the Promenade, fragrant lilacs in the Lilac garden, cherry blossoms surrounding the Japanese Tea House were some of the spring flora. Bright orange Clivia plants formed borders along many walking paths.

The recent rains dropped several Coastal Live Oak trees to their knees  in the Ancient Forest. A big loss for the Gardens. Luckily, there are 1,000 plus more Oaks still standing in the 165 acre garden.

I felt fortunate that I was back at a place that I love and seeing it at the height of flowering!

So I’m sharing some highlights with you.


12 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung at Descanso Gardens

  1. So beautiful, Susan! How do you find the time to write? What a gift you have to share with those of us fortunate enough to receive it!

  2. Great pictures – especially the one that captures the reflection of the red bridge in the water.

  3. So beautiful! Hope to make it there while some of the spring blooms are still on display.

  4. You’ve captured the splendor of Descanso perfectly. No wonder you are Healing so quickly. Marc

  5. Such beautiful photographs, Susan. I love Descanso Gardens and this reminds me to go and visit. Glad to hear you are healing and able to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring flowers.

  6. Susan, The beautiful Gardens are gorgeous in different ways throughout the year. Your pictures are gorgeous at the height of their spring beauty. Thanks for sharing and so glad your knee is healing well.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I’m glad you are able to get out and enjoy such a beautiful place. Are you still doing your writing in your writing cottage?

  8. Thanks for taking us along vicariously to one of our favorite spots, and something we truly miss since moving to Carlsbad. There are other gardens in the world, and other wonderful places, but Descanso has a charm matched nowhere else, and it is kept in such a beautiful and welcoming condition.

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